2019 Points​

Point System
3 or more ponies in the class 1st =5 pts., 2nd =3 pts., 3rd =2 pts., 4th =1 pt.
2 ponies in the class 1st =2 pts., 2nd =1 pt. 
1 pony in the class = 1 pt.
Ch =3 pts.
Res =2 pt.

Only members of MPB on the day of a show earn points.

There has to be at least 3 ponies between at least 2 classes for ch/res points to count. No points for grand or supreme champion or reserve. 
Mid Summer Madness and the MPB show are double pointed.
Year end awards will be given through fourth place.
The numbers after the owner's name are the points. Numbers in parentheses are the number of judges the points were won under.
 Please contact Judy Hartman at judithannhartman@gmail.com if you have any questions or corrections.

Points will be final Dec. 15th

Shows included: PC Silver Series#1, 

Welsh Section A Foals

Welsh Section A Yearlings
​1) Severn Black Iris, Mary Benedict 2 (2)
    Severn Beret, Mary Benedict

Welsh Section A Two Year Olds
1) Severn Savannah, JudithAnn Hartman 2(2)
1) Shenandoah Magic Dance, Hetty Abeles 2(2)

Welsh Section A Mares
1) Heavenly Delight In Me, Kristen Fernandez 16 (2)
2) Copper Beech Marigold, JudithAnn Hartman 10 (2)
2) Severn Glitter 'N Gleam, Mary Benedict 10 (2)
4) Stanhope Snapdragon, Peggy Marshall 6 (2)
5) Copper Beech Turkish Coffee, JudithAnn Hartman 4 (2)
5) Severn Hollyberry Bow, JudithAnn Hartman 4 (2)
7) Severn Filigree, Peggy Marshall 2(2)
    Severn Penelope, Mary Benedict
    Severn Penelope, Mary Benedict
    Severn Rainbow, JudithAnn Hartman
    Loafers Lodge Princess Fiona, John Almond
    Clarwood Bugaboo, Kristen Fernandez
    Windfall Florett, Meridith Mackay-Smith
    Shenandoah Barn Dance, Hetty Abeles
    Charmsley Karma (o) John Almond
    Severn Easter Bonnet, Mary Benedict
    Severn Festive Bow, JudithAnn Hartman
    Westwood Wish, Shawn Bigley
    Loafers Lodge Dazzle, John Almond

Welsh Section A Stallions

Welsh Section A Geldings
1) Copper Beech Danny Boy, JudithAnn Hartman 2 (2)
    Severn Bellhop, JudithAnn Hartman/Maria Hudgins
    Severn Picasso, Shelby Fisher
    Loafers Lodge Montgomery, Louise Gill

Welsh Section B Foals

Welsh Section B Yearlings
1) Shenandoah Fantan, Hetty Abeles 7 (2)
2) Shenandoah Patriot, Hetty Abeles 2 (2)
2) Maranatha Bedazzled, Elisabeth Utting 2 (2)

Welsh Section B Two Year Olds
1) Maranatha Moon Shadow, Elisabeth Utting 4 (2)
1) Loafers Lodge Georgette, John Almond 4 (2)
    Farnley Gold Cup, Hetty Abeles
    Charmsley Soul Sista, John Almond
    Shenandoah Silver Tone, Hetty Abeles

Welsh Section B Mares
1) Heaven's Gate Margarita Time, Patricia Eastman 16 (2)
2) Rosehaven Pocketful of Posies, Sally Steinmetz 14 (2)
3) Charmsley Sweet Surprise, Meg Gill Peitsch 6 (2)
3) Rosehaven Lady Slipper, Sally Steinmetz 6 (2)
5) Loafers Lodge Felina, John Almond 4 (2)
5) Windfall Catalina, Meridith Mackay-Smith 4 (2)
    Shenandoah Fanciful, Hetty Abeles
    Pyron Easter Signature, Casey Edinger
    Blue Melody, Peggy Marshall
    Reynard Chanteuse, Theresa Kothstein
    Loafers Lodge Sweet Elegance, John Almond
    Loafers Lodge Lady Bird, John Almond
    Rosehaven Raindrop, Sally Steinmetz
    Maranatha Wild Mountain Thyme, Elisabeth Uttig
    Lands End Artemis, Nancy Jane Reed
    Daventry's Center Ice, Mandy Kennington
    Zephyrus Limited Edition, John Almond
    Shenandoah Silk Slipper, John Almond
    Loafers Lodge Dreams of Honey, Casey Edinger
    Maranatha Perfect Harmony, Elisabeth Utting
    Maranatha Bristol Re-Echo, Elizabeth Utting
    Maranatha Lullaby, Elizabeth Utting
    Clanfair Easter Parade, Catherine Kempson
    Tidewaters Wildfire, Deborah Dawkins

Welsh Section B Stallions
1) Wynnbrook Coup D'Etat, Jacqueline Morris 4 (2)
2) Farnley Ganymede, Hetty Abeles 2 (2)

Welsh Section B Geldings
1) Rosehaven Merlin, Sally Steinmetz 13 (2)
2) Loafers Lodge Edward, John Almond 10 (2)
2) Heaven's Gate Signature Design, Caroline and Elianna Lapsley 10 (2)
4) Heaven’s Gate Signature Style, Patricia Eastman 7 (2)
5) Loafers Lodge Smoke Screen, John Almond 6 (2)
6) Charmsley Sir Thomas. Meg Gill Peitsch 4 (2)
    Marsh Run King's Ransom, John Almond
    Loafers Lodge Golden Goose, John H. Almond 
    Heaven’s Gate Dream On, Rebecca Hunt
    Maranatha Oath Keeper, Michelle Viruete
    Farnley Brigantine, Hetty Abeles
    Heaven's Gate Sunday Matinee, Patricia Eastman

Welsh section C/D All
1) Bidwell Renegade, Eda Bell 2 (2)
    Heather Hill Millennia, Sarah Iliff
    Ashland Ginger Rose, Casey Edinger

Half/Part Bred Welsh Fillies 2 & Under
1) Loafers Lodge Miss Pink, John Almond 8 (2)
2) Wynnbrook Unforgettable, Jacqueline Morris 4 (2)
    Faircourt Icewine, Margaret Redman
    Wynnbrook Coup d'Folie, Jacqueline Morris
    Haymar's Fine Print, Caroline Lapsley
    Reynard Glam and Glitz, Theresa Kothstein

Half/Part Bred Welsh Colts/Geldings 2 & Under
1) Let's Play, Erika Schwab 2 (2)
    Loafers Lodge Buckaroo, John Almond
    Peary Winkle Prince, Barbara Chappell 
    Wynnbrook Super Kevin, Jacqueline Morris
    Loafers Lodge Party On, John Almond  

Half/Part Bred Welsh Mares 3 & Over
1) ​Farnley Rock Rose, Susan Weigand 3 (2)
1) Severn Loveamiracle, Bobby Lindsley 3 (2)
    SGF Celestrial, Margaret Redman
    Lands End Cloudberry, Jacqueline Morris
    Severn Nymph, Susan Ward
    A Momentary Springtime, Bobby Lindsley
    Loafers Lodge Jazzaroo, John Almond
    Frozen, Margaret Redman

Half/Part Bred Welsh Stallions/Geldings 3 & Over
1) Loafers Lodge Music Man, John Almond 16 (2)
2) Coldfusion (o) Margaret Redman 7 (2)
3) Farnley Irish Banner, Hetty Abeles 1 (2)
    Stylist, Margaret Redman
    Wynnbrook Polar Vortex, Michelle Viruete
    Scottish Bag of Trix, Bobby Lindsley
    Wisewood Mr. Fizzle, Margaret Redman
    Windfall Gunga Din, Meridith Mackay-Smith
    Reynard Twix, Theresa Kothstein
    A Momentary Blizzard, Bobby Lindsley
    Sa-Lyn’s Kenleys Trademark, Haylee Scandell

Shetland Stallions

Shetland Mares
​ Caroway Tuesday, Regina Welsh

Shetland Geldings
​ Olney Kushion, Regina Welsh
 Olney Victor,  Regina Welsh
 Olney Quick Draw McGraw,  Regina Welsh