2019 Yearling Futurity

          It's time to nominate your 2018 foals to next years Futurity!

Please support the Maryland Pony Breeders by nominating your 2018 pony foal to the 2019 MPB Yearling Futurity.  The following divisions are available: Hunter Breeder, Welsh, Shetland, Purebred.  However, 10 nominations per Division must be received by January 31st 2019 in order for the divisions to go forward.  If a division does not fill, the nominator has the choice of entering the "Hunter Breeder" division or receiving a refund.  If entries warrant, divisions can be split by gender and/or Welsh division.

Prize Money distribution:
30%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 8%, 7%, 5%, 5% 8 entries
35%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 8%, 7%, 5% 7 entries
35%, 25%, 15%, 10%, 8%, 7% 6 entries
35%, 25%, 18%, 12%, 10% 5 entries
40%, 25%, 20%, 15% 4 entries

You must be a current MPB member to nominate a foal and you must be a member at the time of the Futurity in 2019.

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                                 2019 Futurity Entries

2019 Futurity Entries

WELSH Section A

*Copper Beech Danny Boy, buckskin colt born 6/8/18 (Brookside Starbuster x Copper Beech Irish Lace) JudithAnn Hartman

*Severn Black Iris, black filly born 4/8/18 (Severn Bay Rum x Severn Periwinkle) Mary Benedict

Severn Beret, bay roan colt born 4/10/18 (Severn Bay Rum x Severn Easter Bonnet) Mary Benedict

Severn Sea Chantey, chestnut filly born 3/23/18 (Farnley Tiber x Severn Sea Breeze) Shannon Miller/Mary Benedict

*PM Beethoven, bay colt born 3/28/18 (Farnley Ballad x Stanhope Snapdragon) Peggy Marshall

*Shenandoah ???, chestnut filly born 6/10/18 (Farnley Ballad x Shenandoah Poppy) Hetty M.-S. Abeles

*Shenandoah ???, grey colt born 5/13/18 (Farnley Magic Word x Shenandoah Windchime) Hetty M.-S. Abeles

WELSH Section B

Loafers Lodge Edward, grey colt born 6/3/18 (Zephyrus Breaking Dawn x Shenandoah Silk Slipper) John Almond

Maranatha Sun Kissed, palomino filly born 4/14/18 (Maranatha So Brilliant x Maranatha Sunshine) Elisabeth Utting

Maranatha Bedazzled, black filly born 4/24/18 (Rosmel's Rigadoon x *Telynau Dazzle) Elisabeth Utting

*Shenandoah ???, brown colt born 5/11/18 (Farnley Triton x Shenandoah Praline) Hetty M.-S. Abeles

*Shenandoah ???, grey (brown) filly born 4/14/18 (Farnley Triton x Shenandoah Silk Fan) Hetty M.-S. Abeles


*Wynnbrook Super Kevin, chestnut colt born 5/11/18 (Wynnbrook Coup d'Etat x Lands End Cloudberry) Kris Morris

*Last Dance, chestnut colt born 4/26/18 (Gelton Samba x The Luke of Love) Margaret Redman

*Whistling Grass Coup d'Etat, chestnut colt born 5/31/18 (Wynnbrook Coup d'Etat x Dan'r Rhosyn Glory) Mandy Kennington

*Mystical, bay/brown colt born 6/29/18 (Maple Side Mr. Magic x Foxmore Ooh La La) Dan Short

Shenandoah ???, brown colt born 5/11/18 (Farnley Triton x Shenandoah Praline) Hetty M.-S. Abeles

*Shenandoah ???, chestnut colt born 4/27/18 (Farnley Triton x Shenandoah Coral Spring) Hetty M.-S. Abeles


Loafers Lodge Harriet, grey filly born 5/23/18 (Dragoncroft Pintado x Falling Moon Juniper) John Almond

Loafers Lodge Smokin Hot, grey filly born 6/1/18 (Loafers Lodge Smokey Joe x Loafers Lodge Hot Pink) John Almond

*Wynnbrook Coup d'Genie, chestnut filly born 4/22/18 (Wynnbrook Coup d'Etat x Annie) Kris Morris

*Wynnbrook Unforgettable, ??? filly born 5/13/18 (Wynnbrook Coup d'Etat x One Splash of Nope) Kris Morris

*Wynnbrook Coup d'Destin, grey filly born 5/6/18 (Wynnbrook Coup d'Etat x Strawberry Point) Kris Morris

*Wynnbrook Coup d'Folie, grey filly born 4/6/18 (Wynnbrook Coup d'Etat x Finney) Kris Morris

*Shenandoah ???, grey (brown) filly born 4/14/18 (Farnley Triton x Shenandoah Silk Fan) Hetty M.-S. Abeles

​*Farnley ???, chestnut filly born 4/16/18 (Farnley Triton x Farnley Tendril) Hetty M.-S. Abeles



Updated August 2, 2018
* indicates fully nominated ponies