2018 Yearling Futurity

Please support the Maryland Pony Breeders by nominating your 2017 pony foal to the 2018 MPB Yearling Futurity.  The following divisions are available: Hunter Breeder, Welsh, Shetland, Purebred.  However, 10 nominations per Division must be received by January 31st 2018 in order for the divisions to go forward.  If a division does not fill, the nominator has the choice of entering the "Hunter Breeder" division or receiving a refund.  If entries warrant, divisions can be split by gender and/or Welsh division.

Prize Money distribution:
30%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 8%, 7%, 5%, 5% 8 entries
35%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 8%, 7%, 5% 7 entries
35%, 25%, 15%, 10%, 8%, 7% 6 entries
35%, 25%, 18%, 12%, 10% 5 entries
40%, 25%, 20%, 15% 4 entries

You must be a current MPB member to nominate a foal and you must be a member at the time of the Futurity in 2018.

Nominations can be made in payments as follows:

Payment Schedule I (available up to July 31, 2017, thereafter use Schedule II
______  $25.00Postmarked No Later Than July 31, 2017
______  $25.00Postmarked No Later Than January 31, 2018
______  $50.00Postmarked No Later Than  April 30, 2018

Payment Schedule II  (for all nominations received after July 31, 2017)
______  $50.00Postmarked No Later ThanJanuary 31, 2018
______  $75.00Postmarked No Later Than April 30, 2018

​Click icon to download futurity entry form 



WELSH Section A

​Severn Sweet Charlotte, grey filly born 4/14/17 (Gypsy Rose's Pride x Shaddowcreek Jubilee) Tiz Benedict

​Severn Gorgio, palomino roan colt born 4/25/17 (Gypsy Rose's Pride x Severn Ciara) Tiz Benedict

Copper Beech Midsomer Revel, black colt born 4/16/17 (Brookside Starbuster x Wilcrick Summertime) JudithAnn Hartman

Copper Beech French Linen, buckskin colt born 4/14/17 (Brookside Starbuster x Severn China Doll) JudithAnn Hartman

​Severn Savannah, bay filly born 7/16/17 (Severn Bay Rum x Brightleaf Dresden) Tiz Benedict/JudithAnn Hartman

Loafers Lodge Montgomery, buckskin colt born 5/16/17 (Dragoncroft Pintado x Loafers Lodge Twinkle) John Almond

Shenandoah TBD, chestnut roan filly born 6/7/17 (Farnley Ballad x Shenandoah Poppy) Hetty Abeles

Shenandoah TBD, chestnut grey colt born 5/17/17 (Farnley Ballad x Shenandoah Barndance) Hetty Abeles

WELSH Section B

​Maranatha Moon Shadow, black filly born 6/1/17 (Rosmel's Rigadoon x Maranatha Melody) Elisabeth Utting

​Maranatha TBD, chestnut colt born 4/8/17 (Maranatha Keep the Faith x Maranatha Sweet Chariot) Elisabeth Utting

Shenandoah TBD, chestnut grey filly born 4/30/17 (Farnley Triton x Shenandoah Silver Note) Hetty Abeles

Farnley TBD, ??? colt born 6/3/17 (Shenandoah Cracker Jack x Farnley Selina) Hetty Abeles

Loafers Lodge Georgette, ??? filly born 5/17/17 (Dragoncroft Pintado x Shenandoah Silk Slipper) John Almond

Charmsley Sir Thomas, chestnut colt born 6/13/17 (Rosmel's Dressed in Scarlet x Charmsley Kiera) John Almond

Westwood Alleluia, grey colt born 4/18/17 (Banbury Cross x Fox Cry Raindrops on Roses) Shawn Bigley


TBD, bay colt born 4/19/17 (Coldplay x Andrea's Girl) Kristen Fernandez

Farnley TBD, ??? colt born 6/3/17 (Shenandoah Cracker Jack x Farnley Selina) Hetty Abeles

Shenandoah TBD, chestnut filly born 5/16/17 (Farnley Ganymede x Shenandoah Willow Spring) Hetty Abeles

Reynard TBD, bay filly born 6/12/17 (Hilin Peredur x Camelia at Dawn) Theresa Kothstein

Charmsley Soul Sista, grey filly born 5/14/17 (Dragoncroft Pintado x Charmsley Little Sister) John Almond

Loafers Lodge Smokescreen, grey colt born 5/26/17 (Loafers Lodge Smokey Joe x Loafer's Lodge Waltzing Matilda) John Almond

Loafers Lodge Miss Pink, chestnut filly born 3/3/17 (Rosmel's Dressed in Scarlet x Loafers Lodge Hot Pink) John Almond

Meadowcreek Discovery, bay colt born 4/30/17 (Shenandoah Firebird x Revalation) R. Maurice Bailey

Foxmor Starbound, black/bay colt born 2/22/17 (Foxmor Starpower x Meadowbrooks Love Me Tender) Karen Williams

Foxmor Pin Up, black/bay filly born 3/20/17 (Hilen Peredur x Dress Up) Karen Williams

Horizon Hill's Chromatic, chocolate palomino colt born 2/17/17 (Smoke Tree Dragon Tail x Orchard Hills Stumbled Upon) Hayley Raach/Elisabeth Utting

Westwood Alleluia, grey colt born 4/18/17 (Banbury Cross x Fox Cry Raindrops on Roses) Shawn Bigley