2018 and 2019 Yearling Futurities

          It's not to early to nominate your 2018 foals to next years Futurity!

Please support the Maryland Pony Breeders by nominating your 2018 pony foal to the 2019 MPB Yearling Futurity.  The following divisions are available: Hunter Breeder, Welsh, Shetland, Purebred.  However, 10 nominations per Division must be received by January 31st 2019 in order for the divisions to go forward.  If a division does not fill, the nominator has the choice of entering the "Hunter Breeder" division or receiving a refund.  If entries warrant, divisions can be split by gender and/or Welsh division.

Prize Money distribution:
30%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 8%, 7%, 5%, 5% 8 entries
35%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 8%, 7%, 5% 7 entries
35%, 25%, 15%, 10%, 8%, 7% 6 entries
35%, 25%, 18%, 12%, 10% 5 entries
40%, 25%, 20%, 15% 4 entries

You must be a current MPB member to nominate a foal and you must be a member at the time of the Futurity in 2019.


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                                 2019 Futurity Entries

2018 Futurity Entries
WELSH Section A

​*Severn Sweet Charlotte, grey filly born 4/14/17 (Gypsy Rose's Pride x Shallowcreek Jubilee) Tiz Benedict/Shannon Miller

​Severn Gorgio, palomino roan colt born 4/25/17 (Gypsy Rose's Pride x Severn Ciara) Tiz Benedict

Copper Beech Midsomer Revel, black colt born 4/16/17 (Brookside Starbuster x Wilcrick Summertime) JudithAnn Hartman

Copper Beech French Linen, buckskin colt born 4/14/17 (Brookside Starbuster x Severn China Doll) JudithAnn Hartman

​*Severn Savannah, bay filly born 7/16/17 (Severn Bay Rum x Brightleaf Dresden) Tiz Benedict/JudithAnn Hartman

*Loafers Lodge Montgomery, buckskin colt born 5/16/17 (Dragoncroft Pintado x Loafers Lodge Twinkle) John Almond

Shenandoah Copper Bell, chestnut roan filly born 6/7/17 (Farnley Ballad x Shenandoah Poppy) Hetty Abeles

*Shenandoah Magic Dance, grey (chestnut base) colt born 5/17/17 (Farnley Magic Word x Shenandoah Barndance) Hetty Abeles

WELSH Section B

*​Maranatha Moon Shadow, black filly born 6/1/17 (Rosmel's Rigadoon x Maranatha Melody) Elisabeth Utting

*​Maranatha TBD, chestnut colt born 4/8/17 (Maranatha Keep the Faith x Maranatha Sweet Chariot) Elisabeth Utting

*Shenandoah Silver Tone, grey (chestnut base) filly born 4/30/17 (Farnley Triton x Shenandoah Silver Note) Hetty Abeles

*Farnley Gold Cup, Liver Cream colt born 6/3/17 (Shenandoah Cracker Jack x Farnley Selina) Hetty Abeles

*Loafers Lodge Georgette, buckskin filly born 5/17/17 (Dragoncroft Pintado x Shenandoah Silk Slipper) John Almond

Charmsley Sir Thomas, chestnut colt born 6/13/17 (Rosmel's Dressed in Scarlet x Charmsley Kiera) John Almond

*Westwood Alleluia, grey colt born 4/18/17 (Banbury Cross x Fox Cry Raindrops on Roses) Shawn Bigley


*Let's Play, bay colt born 4/19/17 (Coldplay x Andrea's Girl) Kristen Fernandez

Farnley TBD, ??? colt born 6/3/17 (Shenandoah Cracker Jack x Farnley Selina) Hetty Abeles

​*Meadowcreek Discovery, bay colt born 4/30/17 (Shenandoah Firebird x Revelation) R. Maurice Bailey

Loafers Lodge Smokescreen, grey colt born 5/26/17 (Loafers Lodge Smokey Joe x Loafer's Lodge Waltzing Matilda) John Almond

*Foxmor Starbound, black/bay colt born 2/22/17 (Foxmor Starpower x Meadowbrooks Love Me Tender) Karen Williams

*Horizon Hill's Chromatic, chocolate palomino colt born 2/17/17 (Smoke Tree Dragon Tail x Orchard Hills Stumbled Upon) Hayley Raach/Elizabeth Lubrano Haines

*Periwinkle Prince, grey colt born 3/16/17 (Llanarth Royalty x Smallwood Peach Tree) Barbara Chappell

*Secret Escort, chestnut colt born 4/12/17 (EMC Entourage x Shelby Secret) Barbara Chappell

*Westwood Alleluia, grey colt born 4/18/17 (Banbury Cross x Fox Cry Raindrops on Roses) Shawn Bigley

*Farnley High Court, chestnut colt born 6/3/17 (Farnley Triton x Farnley High Aim) Hetty Abeles

*Haymars Wearing my Calvins, bay gelding born 3/21/17 (Sa-Lyns Kenleys Trademark x Glow of Desire) Maria Scandell


*Shenandoah Willow Sash, chestnut filly born 5/16/17 (Farnley Ganymede x Shenandoah Willow Spring) Hetty Abeles

Reynard TBD, bay filly born 6/12/17 (Hilin Peredur x Camelia at Dawn) Theresa Kothstein

*Loafers Lodge Miss Pink, chestnut filly born 3/3/17 (Rosmel's Dressed in Scarlet x Loafers Lodge Hot Pink) John Almond

Charmsley Soul Sista, grey filly born 5/14/17 (Dragoncroft Pintado x Charmsley Little Sister) John Almond

​*Foxmor Pin Up, black/bay filly born 3/20/17 (Hilen Peredur x Dress Up) Karen Williams

*Ella Knows, grey filly born 6/1/17 (Monte Carlo x Hidden Springs Last Date) Barbara Chappell



Updated April 23, 2018
* indicates fully nominated ponies