Yearling Futurity 2016
​2016 Champion

ZEPHYRUS BREAKING DAWN, Chestnut colt born 5/9/15 (Goldhill’s Master Bronze x Evan’s Esme) John Almond

2016 MPB Futurity Results

WELSH Section A

1.    SHENANDOAH BALD EAGLE, Chestnut roan colt born 6/5/15 (Farnley Ballad x        Shenandoah Poppy) Hetty Abeles

2.    SEVERN FILIGREE, Grey filly born 4/20/15 (Gypsy Rose’s Pride x Severn Silk N’        Satin) Tiz Benedict/Peggy Marshall

3.    SHENANDOAH BALLERINA, Brown filly born 5/28/15 (Farnley Ballad x Shenandoah        Windchime) Hetty Abeles

4.    SEVERN MINERVA, Grey filly born 5/25/15 (Farnley Tiber x Severn Athena) Tiz        Benedict

5.    COPPER BEECH TURKISH COFFEE, Black filly born 4/15/15 (*Courtway Formal         Attire x Severn China Doll) JudithAnn Hartman

WELSH Section B Colts/Geldings

1.    ZEPHYRUS BREAKING DAWN, Chestnut colt born 5/9/15 (Goldhill’s Master Bronze        x Evan’s Esme) John Almond

2.    SHENANDOAH CORINTHIAN, Seal brown colt born 5/4/15 (Farnley Corker x        Shenandoah Silk Fan) Hetty Abeles

3.    SHENANDOAH TREASURE, Brown colt born 5/28/15 (Farnley Ganymede x        Shenandoah Keepsake) Hetty Abeles/Kathy Nekton

4.    ROSEHAVEN MERLIN, Grey colt born 5/21/15 (Rosehaven Talisman x *Sarnau        Swyn) Sally Steinmetz

5.    LOAFERS LODGE SIMPLY STELLAR, Palomino colt born 5/3/15 (Fox Cry Whinny        The Pooh x Loafers Lodge Twinkle) John Almond/Loafers Lodge

​6.    SHENANDOAH GAYLORD, Grey colt born 6/4/15 (Farnley Ganymede x        Shenandoah Silk Slipper) John Almond/Loafers Lodge

7.    HEAVEN’S GATE LAST CALL, Grey colt born 5/11/15 (Rosehaven Talisman x        Glynhafan Echo) Patty Eastman

WELSH Section B Fillies

1.    WESTWOOD AFFAIR TO REMEMBER, Grey filly born 7/29/15 (Banbury Cross x        FC Raindrops on Roses) Shawn Bigley

2.    ZEPHYRUS LIMITED EDITION, Chestnut filly born 5/12/15 (Goldhill’s Master Bronze         x Silvandra’s Classy Chassis) John Almond

3.    FARNLEY ELECTRIC, Chestnut filly born 5/19/15 (Farnley Triton x Farnley Cleo)        Hetty Abeles

​4.    LOAFERS LODGE SWEET DESIRE, Palomino filly born 4/27/15 (Fox Cry Whinny        The Pooh x Loafers Lodge Sweetness N’ Lite) John Almond/Loafers Lodge


1.    ROCK SOLID’S FULL MOON, Chestnut gelding born 4/5/15 (Evans Cirque Du        Dralion x Bryn Taran Bizzy Lizzy) Hayley Raach

2.    LOAFERS LODGE COOL JAZZ, Grey colt born 7/11/15 (Fox Cry Whinny The Pooh x        Rosmel’s Jazzy Jolene) John Almond/Loafers Lodge

3.    I GOT THIS!, Chestnut roan colt born 4/18/15 (Fox Cry Whinny The Pooh x Andrea’s        Girl) Kristin Fernandez

4.    HEAVEN’S GATE DREAM ON, Grey colt born 4/29/15 (*Hilin Peredur x Glynhafen        Echo) Patty Eastman

5.    GREYSTOKE’S MOVES LIKE JAGGER, Bay colt born 5/21/15 (Land’s End        Thimbleberry x Penny Pocketchange) Leila Hertzberg


1.    WESTWOOD AFFAIR TO REMEMBER, Grey filly born 7/29/15 (Banbury Cross x FC        Raindrops on Roses) Shawn Bigley

2.    ​FROZEN, Dark bay filly born 4/3/15 (Coldplay x Fabulous Girl) Margaret Redman

3.    LOAFERS LODGE SPRING FLING, Grey filly born 5/17/15 (Charmsley Cormac x        Loafers Lodge Isis) John Almond/Loafers Lodge

4.    LOAFERS LODGE JULIET, Grey filly born 4/12/15 (Rosmel’s Dressed In Scarlet x        Falling Moon Juniper) John Almond/Loafers Lodge

5.    WISEWOOD DELIGHT, Buckskin filly born 4/24/15 (Wisewood Mr. Fizzle x        Overjoyed) Margaret Redman